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For those of you who are completely new to sending cold emails, I am not going to lie...this can be pretty daunting.

Not 100% sure what cold emails are?

These are basically emails that you send to people whom you aren't connected to.

If you're a marketer, for example, you might use cold emails to find companies to partner with you on a marketing campaign.

If you're a sales rep, you'll probably use cold emails to reach out to leads or potential customers.

Now you would think that's its pretty hard to approach someone with a cold email. After all you are getting in touch out of the blue, and the person you are emailing might not be receptive, or give you the time of day.

Well there are plenty of cold emails that DO get ignored (or sent straight to trash)...

But if you engineer your cold email the right way, it's possible to get great results from these emails.

If you follow this link I walk you through:

  • The effectiveness of cold emails
  • Tips to improve your cold emails
  • how to use copywriting frameworks for cold emails, and
  • 5 subject lines for cold emails that work
  • How to get more leads for cold emails 

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