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Life Coaching with Jane Baldwin


We're human, we're messy and life happens.


We're also not broken, we do not need fixing AND it's OK to ask for help.


My tribe love having support as they discover a different way to navigate whatever is swirling endlessly around in their heads, the way they are feeling, creating something new, having more of something they love, or changing something about themselves or their life.


Our brains are our first homes. We get to decide the vibe, how we spend our time there, whether to look at those things in the dusty old cupboard in the basement (or not), what the view from the window is like, who to invite in, the types of parties to throw and so much more.


It's also important to bring our bodies along on the journey. The ability to 'feels the feels' is one Secret Sauce ingredient.


You're human, I'm human and I'd love to be able to help and support you.




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